Our Core Values


We believe that:


Creativity heals

Knowledge empowers

Relationships bridge cultures

Service transforms you


At Amithi, we offer a range of programs that address both the mental and physical aspects of our lives - from creative activities and movement exercises that facilitate relaxation and strengthen the body to nutritional education.  Stress and anxiety exists in all aspects of our lives.  Some stress is healthy and our bodies are equipped to handle it.  However, prolonged ongoing stress causes damage to the body.  Scientific research shows that stress and anxiety impedes the function of the immune system and diminishes the relaxation response.

What happens inside the body when we are stressed?

More than 200 chemical reactions occur in the body when you are stressed.  A chain reaction takes places, increasing blood pressure, heart rate and respiration and moving blood away from the abdomen (which stops digestion) into the large muscles, like the legs to get you ready to run away from the danger.  An onslaught of stress increases the level of Cortisol in the body which causes many problems since this hormone regulates blood pressure, controls blood sugar and plays a significant role in the functioning of the immune system.

What happens on the outside?

Stress instinctively brings into play the fight or flight response in us.  The fight response manifests as combative or argumentative behavior and the flight response manifests as social withdrawal, substance abuse or psychological problems.


Therefore, it is very important that the "relaxation response" is activated quickly, so that the body's functions can return to normal.

(Source:  2009/State of Field Report, Society for Arts in Healthcare)


•  To make accessible the skills, techniques and information needed to manage stress and anxiety.

•  To create partnerships and programs that incorporate the arts (painting, crafts, music, dance, poetry), meditation, movement exercises (Yoga, Tai Chi) and nutritional education.

•  To encourage community involvement and participation as we all must take responsibility for creating healthy communities.