Project Tampa, FL

Collaborating with community organizations, Amithi launched the "The Creative Relaxation Through the Arts" program in Tampa, Florida in 2011.  This program is for the community and designed for anyone dealing with stress and anxiety.  

The goal of the program is to bring about an awareness of relaxation in our busy and stressful lives.  Scientific research shows that ongoing stress can lead to serious health problems.  Relaxing, however, does not come automatically to any of us.  We have to consciously make an effort to relax. 

This program is an opportunity to slow down the pace of our hectic lives and to learn mindful relaxation. Creative activities can be a therapeutic tool that relives anxiety and reduces stress. This program provides enjoyable and meaningful artistic opportunities where the focus is on the process, and not the product. People become so deeply absorbed in the activity that they lose track of time, external events and stress.

This program is designed for adults who want to reduce stress in their lives. There is no prior art experience or knowledge necessary.  You get to go home with a beautiful piece of art.  Each time you see it, it brings the memory of relaxation and encourages you to continue relaxing daily.  

Activities are set up in community centers and are short 2-hour sessions.  The host facility (community center, library) provides the room, tables and chairs for participants.  All art supplies will be provided by Amithi and activities will be managed by an experienced Arts Facilitator.