Project Samples

Participants are not required to have any prior art experience to enjoy our programs.  Below are photos of completed art work by our participants.  Supplies are contributed by our generous donors.


Name of Art Project:  String Art


Create an image with ink and string on white paper. When completed, use acrylic paint, poster paint or watercolor to embellish the string painting. Turn the art in all directions to see the image that appears. Several images can be combined to form collages.  See sample of collage here.

Name of Craft Project:  Beads of Hope


Cut out colorful paper.  Write words of hope on the inside of the paper. Roll the paper to form beads which are then strung together to form bracelets or necklaces. The bead represents a person, blessing or inspiration that contributes to your personal support system. String them together to wear or carry - physically and mindfully getting in touch with your empowering circle of support.

Name of Craft Project:  Tissue Collage


Tissue paper in an assortment of colors is shredded and torn up into small pieces.  They are then glued onto a piece of paper to create beautiful images.

Name of Art Project:  Greeting Cards & Bookmarks


Donated cardstock paper from local printers is used as a base.  Use different colors if available.  Completed ink and string painting that has been embellished with water color is cut up and glued on to the card stock to create greeting cards and bookmarks.

Name of Art Project:  Coloring Mandalas

Coloring mandalas are soothing and bring about relaxation, stress relief, distraction from pain, focus, contemplation and play.  Shapes and patterns are added to a clearly calming center point.


Name of Craft Project:  Origami Cranes


Colorful paper is folded into Origami cranes.  There is a beautiful Japanese story about the healing cranes.  The cranes offer a beautiful, visible representation of a healing intention, a blessing, a prayer, words of honoring, an affirmation of the person’s choosing.  A message of healing is written on the wing and the crane is hung where it can be seen a “thousand” times, a practice of mindfulness that returns thoughts again and again to positive, supportive modes.

Name of Craft Project:  Silk Painting

Silk painting is a safe and playful experience with color, shape and form and offers a visual arts process that is beautiful and engaging.  

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