People with good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  They have learned healthy ways to cope with their stress and anxiety.  We believe that by elevating self-awareness, we can help people find solutions to manage their stress on a daily basis.

Amithi's programs evolved as we explored the triggers for stress, anxiety and fear, which are created by many internal and external factors.  As we addressed these triggers, we also began looking at the triggers for relaxation.  Relaxation is be stimulated by different types of activities and they are as diverse as the people on the planet.  We also realized that at times we had to step up the relaxation activities based on the severity of the stress we were under.  Feedback from personal research enabled us to develop Amithi's programs.  The programs were grouped into four key areas, which eventually became the cornerstones of Amithi.  Since stress is managed uniquely by each person, at the heart of Amithi is the unique individual, someone who is not seen as a statistic.  We honor the individual and our programs are designed to be unique for each person. 


The first step in our program is a self-awareness exercise entitled "Who Am I?"  This is an opportunity for each person to go on a nostalgic journey to reflect on activities that make them feel calm and happy, to become aware of what relaxes them.  It is also an opportunity to figure out the types of creativity, nutrition and exercise that would benefit them personally and one that would fit into their current lifestyle.  We want these activities to be long-term lifestyle changes and not short-term fixes.  A trip to a wellness spa may make people feel good for a few days, weeks or even months.  But, what if we can help people create a "wellness" spa that they can leverage any time they need it?

We bring our programs to the people - whether they are in hospitals or community centers.  Programs can be designed to meet the needs of any specific group and are accessible to everyone.  We work to explore and document ways in which our programs help people and bring quantifiable value to their well-being.

Benefits of Amithi's Programs


People impacted by stress and anxiety will be:


•  Empowered with the skills and techniques to manage their own stress and anxiety.

•  Strengthened with knowledge to become active participants in their personal well-being.

•  Fostered to become strong contributors in their communities.

Amithi's Four Cornerstones

»  Own Your Knowledge

»  Own Your Mind

»  Own Your Body

»  Pay It Forward



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