Our Network

Our success is measured by the relationships we nurture with our partners, facilitators and volunteers.  Our commitment is to build creative networks and relationships worldwide.  These networks will in turn build their own networks and the circle keeps growing until Amithi becomes a self-sustaining entity.

Our Partners

Partnerships are the backbone of Amithi.  Our partners are:

»  Organizations that work alongside us to bring Amithi's programs to their customers - hospitals, hospices, senior care centers, rehabilitation centers, churches, schools and any place where people need help managing their stress and anxiety

»  Individuals who generously introduce us to their network of contacts

»  Organizations and people who donate supplies for our projects

»  Artists, musicians, sculptors, jewelers, dancers, poets, fabric artisans, sculptors, potters, chefs, gardeners and all creative individuals who volunteer their time to ensure our success

»  Teachers of yoga, meditation, tai chi and qi gong

»  Feng Shui consultants who help create spaces filled with calming energy


Our Facilitators

The talented artists who facilitate Amithi's programs.