Amithi's Healing With The Arts Program is based on "Arts in Healthcare" which is an international movement that believes that creative activities (art, music, dance, poetry) bring about opportunities for self-expression, empowerment and development of coping skills.  The restorative impact of the arts has been substantiated by research showing the benefits of arts in hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers and hospice facilities.  The arts have been applied to supporting people dealing with many health issues.  They have been shown to improve overall health outcomes, treatment compliance and quality of life.

Using the arts for healing models wellness and human potential.  It provides programs that transform the stressful emotions that impede the function of the immune system and diminishes the relaxation response.  Regardless of what type of art you select, the focus is the process, not the product.  People become so deeply absorbed in the activity that they lose track of time, external events and stress.  It is also about creating something with healing energy.


Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard's Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine has been studying the effects of stress for over 35 years.  His research confirms that anything "rhythmic and repetitious" for 20 minutes daily can help reduce stress.  Examples include sewing, painting, writing, knitting, praying, jogging, drumming and gardening.



»  To provide enjoyable and meaningful artistic opportunities where focus is on the process, not the product

»  To help develop coping skills in people dealing with stress and anxiety by fostering relaxation

»  To support the physical, mental and emotional recovery of patients

»  To facilitate positive experience and heighten self-esteem

»  To cultivate a healing environment for caregivers

Regardless of what type of art or creative project you select, the focus is the process, not the product. People become so deeply absorbed in the activity that they lose track of time, external events and stress. It is also about creating something with healing energy.  Activities can be set up in waiting rooms, treatment centers or community centers.  They can be a short 2-hour session, half-day or full day sessions based on number of participants and needs. All art supplies and facilitation will be provided by Amithi. For full-day sessions, meals will be provided. The host facility (hospital or community center) would need to provide tables and chairs for participants. To see photos of sample projects, click here. 



Listed below is published research on the benefits of participating in an Arts in Healthcare program (source: Society for Arts in Healthcare).

» Research shows decreased symptoms of distress and improving quality of life for women with cancer.
        Monti et al., 2006; Psycho-Oncology 15: 363-373

» Research shows improved depression and influencing fatigue levels in cancer patients on chemotherapy.
        Bar-Sela, Atid, Danos, Gabay & Epelbaum, 2007; Psycho-Oncology, 16(11), 980-984

» Research shows significant reduction in stress and anxiety in tests conducted with family caregivers of patients.
        Walsh, Radcliffe, Castillo, Kumar and Broschard, 2007; Oncology Nursing Forum, Volume 34, 1, E9-E16

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