The founders of Amithi met in college and now live and work in different countries.  Though life had taken them on different journeys, a connection to a common outlook brought them back together. 

"When we reconnected several years ago, we found ourselves on the same path in life - a path of service as it relates to "healing". We believe that healing is about wholeness.  It is an integrative process that encompasses our entire being. It involves a harmonious alignment of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of our lives and how we relate to the world. When things are in alignment, we experience true well-being. And this well-being is everyone's birthright. We aspire to empower people with the tools that they need to manage their own well-being.”

Kala began her career in the technology industry (project management and training) and after 20 years left it to pursue her passion for creativity. 

Since 2002 she has been an award-winning acrylic artist and jewelry designer.  In 2006 Kala began her journey as an Expressive Arts Facilitator with the Arts in Medicine Program at a Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.  At Amithi, Kala coordinates and designs programs that focus on the arts as an integral component to healing.  She is also a trainer with the Amithi Mentoring Program for new Arts Facilitators.  2011 saw the launching of Amithi - Tampa Bay Area, exploring opportunities to partner with various local organizations and individuals. 


Beena is an Oncologist and is Head of Oncology at the Sarawak General Hospital on the island of Borneo in Malaysia.  Beena is a strong advocate for using relaxation therapies in her hospital.  She created an Arts in Healthcare program in her department and encourages her staff to use creativity and music to reduce stress in patients.  Beena focuses on educating people about Amithi's programs in Malaysia and Singapore.

Suchitra is a Special Educator who is based in Cochin, South India.  She is a Founder and Director at Sanskriti, which is a resource center that empowers parents, teachers and children with disabilities.  She is also a Learning Support Advisor at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India.  Suchitra's focus is spreading the word about Amithi's programs in South India.


Our vision is to make Amithi a global movement - a movement towards empowerment in all aspects of our lives.  If you are interested in launching Amithi in your part of the world, please contact Kala.